I'm Christina Pearson, & this is my personal website for the

Mindfulness Based Impulse Reduction Classes

for Hair Pulling & Skin Picking that I teach online. 

I've just posted my Adult Winter 2015 Classes, & hope to post the whole next year's schedule soon. And not only here on my site, but as we will lbe aunching the Heart and Soul Academy for BFRB-Related Living Skills website in January, classes will be posted there also.  From January 2015 onward, all classes will be through the Academy portal. The Academy will offer classes, seminars and curricula specifically developed to disseminate  useful concepts, knowledge  & living skills capable of reducing BFRB suffering & enhancing life in general, until the time comes when all have access to excellent treatment.  Taught, of course, by esteemed teachers, knowledgeable facilitators, & expert professionals!  I'm SO delighted you are here, please look around! DEFINITELY feel free to contact me if you have any questions; about taking one of myclasses, about pathways to recovery from hair pulling & skin picking, about the Heart & Soul Academy, or just want to talk about life in general!  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help grow the Academy, please use the DONATE NOW button on the right.  

In Love & Service,  Christina     

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Mindfulness Classes with Christina Pearson
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