I'm Christina Pearson, & this is my personal website for the

Mindfulness Based Impulse Reduction Classes

for Hair Pulling & Skin Picking that I teach online. 

I've just posted Summer 2014 Classes, & hope to post this Fall's schedule soon! It's been SO busy lately because...  my dear husband & I just moved from Santa Cruz on the West Coast

to Grand Junction, Colorado!   This lovely High Desert area is where I will be developing the Heart & Soul Academy; the Phase Two educational project SO dear to my heart!  The Academy will offer classes, seminars and curricula specifically developed to disseminate  useful concepts & living skills capable of reducing BFRB suffering & to enhance life in general, until the time comes when all have access to excellent treatment.  Taught, of course, by esteemed teachers, knowledgeable facilitators, & expert professionals!  I'm SO delighted you are here, please look around! DEFINITELY feel free to contact me if you have any questions; about taking one of my personal classes, about pathways to recovery from hair pulling & skin picking, about the Heart & Soul Academy, or just want to talk about life in general!       

In Love & Service,  Christina     

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Online Mindfulness Classes with Christina Pearson
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