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Elemental Parents Prayer

Bones of my Mother

    You are Calling me;

        Radiance of my Father

            You illuminate me. 

                Waters of my Mother

                    You sustain me;

                         Fires of my Father

                            You quicken me. 


                                  Earth of my mother

                                      You nurture me.

                                            Winds of my Father

​                                                   are refining me. me.  

Light into Matter

    Matter into Form;

        Raising us as Starchildren

            Above the swirling storm;

                 How do I learn to see  

                     That You are both a part of me?

                         That I am Breath, and I am Love;

                             That I am here to dance with Life.

                                  To dance within the Ocean

                                       Deepest heat of love; 

                                              With  the Winds of Spirit

                                                   Blowing from Above.