Upcoming Class Schedule   

  My goal in offering these classes is to:
            Teach you a cohesive, adaptive, mindfulness-based life approach capable of reducing unwanted behaviors                 and improving quality of life. Then it's up to you to practice it!
            Create a heart-centered, experiential interpersonal network "in-the-world-you-live-in" for day-to-day support.
            Utilize evolving technology to disseminate practical knowledge capable of helping to reduce suffering,                         without the need for students to travel long  distances or spend large sums of money.


for Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

with Christina Pearson


Mindfulness Based Impulse Reduction: 
Living skills for BFRB management & enhancing life in general

Based on the scientifically researched and empirically validated Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  8-week class template, my classes have been carefully adapted from the classic MBSR format for those seeking not only a reduction in stress, but also in unwanted BFRB pulling and picking behaviors. Integrated into this process is my own 30 years of experience working with, and healing from, the impact of BFRBs in my own life.

For me, there is no such thing as distance in heart-space, which is where we will work to ground our awareness while attending class together.

Over the nine week class, students learn (and regularly practice) formal and informal mindfulness skills to develop personal understanding of what mindfulness is - and is not; will receive a brief educational overview of emerging trends in pharmacology and cognitive-behavioral treatment; as well as discuss recent scientific research findings, in both mindfulness and BFRBs. There are three basic class phases to this process:

PHASE ONE -  Week 1-2-3: 

Overarching concept: INVESTIGATION    Setting Intentions / cultivating self-awareness                                                                                                                                                            A review of resistance factors and identifying how we often get in our own way; introduction and overview of Mindfulness; how to practice being mindful; why learning to develop being mindful in support of strong BFRB recovery is a great idea; how mindfulness training benefits the body. Assignment of practice goals


PHASE TWO - Week 4-5-6:   Overarching Concept:  DISCOVERY                                                       Establishing Useful Cues & Inserting Take-Action Reminders:  A review of current treatment with major focus on learning about the SCAMP Model (from the ComB treatment approach); identifying, experimenting, and practicing with individualized strategies and techniques; continued daily practice of Mindfulness through both Mindful Movement and Mindful Stillness.

 PHASE THREE - Week 7-8-9                                                                                                                                         Overarching Concept: Acceptance of Practice                                                                                       Mindful Integration / Strategic Implementation: Merging concept and practice together into a lifestyle; beginning to experience authentic awareness & behavioral changes; developing a personalized program for staying on track and moving forward; how staying interconnected helps.


PHASE FOUR – Week 10  

Road map to Recovery

Our final Class Session is focused on defining our individual “recovery roadmap” and outlining what are the necessary steps to staying connected, motivated, and relaxed as we each move forward in this healing process. Steps that are practical, achievable, and make sense!





Weaving together the experience of growing mindfulness with an understanding of HOW and WHY patterns of behavior become functionally entrenched, creates a paradigm shift potential  in both perspective - and the ability to make decisions... and help initiate taking action in beneficial ways instead of automatically engaging in unwanted behavior. In my classes you will be taught to approach life stressors such as problematic hair pulling and skin picking differently, reframed as a type of "signaling system," and will learn to respond in a particular way that can reduce the need to engage automatically. 

Students will be required to interact privately with other class members between classes, be assigned reading and listening materials, be given weekly homework mindfulness practice assignments, and each student will have the opportunity to schedule a 20-minute private telephone discussion to review obstacles/progress with Christina each week, if needed. 

At the end of 10 weeks, students who complete the class and its assignments, will have experienced a minimum of  60 hours of formal/informal mindfulness practice, and will be well-grounded in the fundamental mindful skills-based approach that has kept Christina's recovery on track for yours.

You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at some point, to discover you have found a very practical and effective pathway to an improved sense of well being, made lifestyle changes for the better, and are developing remarkably peaceful hands!

These classes are education-based, and require full participation and daily homework practice to ensure the best outcome.   They are appropriate for individuals who feel reasonably grounded in life, are ready to devote time and energy to this process, and are not currently experiencing severe or untreated mood or psychiatric disorders such as:  Major Depression, Schizoaffective Disorders, active chemical / alcohol dependency, or any other primary illness or Life issue that would need to be addressed and stabilized with an appropriate and knowledgeable treatment professional before attending my classes.

NOTE ABOUT AGE: if you want to join a class and are younger than 17, please contact me first, or have your parents contact me, so we can discuss your readiness and interest level!

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