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A Little About Me  (Christina)

One Day... 

(I do hope to write the whole story)

In 1990 (having already lived an intense, richly textured life), at the grand

age of 33,  I started a grass roots organization that has changed the world for millions. 

It was first named the Trichotillomania Learning Center  (aka TLC) and recently the TLC Board changed the name of the organization to the TLC Foundation for BFRBs for more info on this wonderful nonprofit resource center that serves individuals & families dealing

with hair pulling, skin picking, and related behaviors, please visit )  

This was after discovering that I wasn't alone in my lonely, decades-long struggle with severe, esteem-destroying,  soul-wearying, hair pulling and skin picking; finding there were others like me who were also desperate for relief; and realizing that there were no cohesive efforts, anywhere, to address the needs of a terribly suffering, but very under-the-radar population of millions. For me, this was simply unacceptable...  

so I created TLC. 

‚ÄčWorking with a "broad view" focus for over two decades, the beloved organization

I had the honor to conceive of, create, and maintain, is now under the care of a highly capable Staff, Executive Board, and Scientific Advisory Board.  The TLC Community is never far from my heart, (I'm currently in the process of building something new for the community) and I will continue to advocate strongly for community support of our national advocacy organization!

Today I am focusing my attention on building the Heart & Soul Academy for BFRB Living Skills, and codifying, recording, and ultimately passing on the life-transforming impulse management skills and techniques I have learned, developed and refined. I personally suffered greatly from hair pulling and skin picking from the age of 12until 38, and now have 20+ years of strong recovery from the behaviors. 


The primary focus of my interactive online classes is the teaching of effective mindful approaches to life and lifestyle issues involved in living with, recovering from,

and maintaining success with Hair Pulling and Skin Picking Disorders.  I also work closely with individuals, families, small groups, and professionals, providing services as consultant. educator, mentor, and coach. Please contact me directly if you would like more information! 

I am a Graduate of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher's Practicum developed and approved by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA